Earth Month

Support Clean Water for Earth Month!

Bravo Salon & Spa has two causes that are near and dear to our hearts, Breast Cancer Awareness in the fall, and Aveda’s clean water campaign during Earth Month.

This year our spring event is a call to action for community members in tribute to Troop #3055.  Many of us were affected by last fall’s tragedy, and this is an attempt to show one another that what they did that day matters, and that together we can overcome difficulties.  Troop #3055 and family members have been invited to share in our event, to participate in whatever capacity they feel comfortable, or to simply be a voice calling for continued efforts.

Join us this Earth Month as we dedicate a roadside clean up to Troop #3055. In addition, our campaign, Be a “Litre” for Change will gather donations through May 22nd for local and global clean water efforts.

Aveda charity: water Alliance for the Great Lakes