Gel Polish Manicure

Do you love the look of your nails right after you have a manicure? You can have that look last for 2 weeks with the new Gel Polish Manicure.

Just like in a regular manicure, cuticles are pushed back and nails are filed. Nails are also buffed, so the gel adheres more strongly. Next a coat of OPI Axxium gel “polish” is applied to each nail (for nail rebalancing), with 30 seconds of drying time under a UV Light in between. A second coat is applied and then allowed to dry again for 30 seconds.

At the end of your “Gel Polish Manicure” your nails are dry and you are ready to go. The polish will stay on for at least 2 weeks and look as shiny and “polished” as it did when you left the salon.