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Extensions are a great way to give you an immediate solution to the hair you desire. You can get an everyday look, add fullness due to overall thinning hair or postpartum hair loss or add volume for a special occasion.

Our Extension specialist will match you to the right method for you. Matching color, texture and length for the ideal look for you.

Our applications include keratin bond fusion and hand tied weft extensions. We currently offer AQUA, CINDERELLA HAIR, and BOMBSHELL Extensions.

Fusion extensions offer a completely customizable approach to undetectable extensions. Each bond can be cut down from a standard size bond (about the size of a match head) down to 1/4 of a section.

This solution is perfect for guests that want to fill the area around their hairline, or higher up on their part. Due to the bond being so tiny, this method can be combined with others for a Hybrid Solution.

Application time: 4+ hours - partial head available

Maintenance: As your bonds grow out, they are replaced with new individual bonds. Maintenance visits are required to keep the new growth clean and healthy.

Suggested for: Thin or Broken hair that needs undetectable extensions.

The Hand Tied Weft system is one of the hottest trends on the market. These wefts are hand-tied, which creates a strong thin weft when compared to other wefted hair extensions. The hand tied weft is flat, flexible and lays closer to the clients' scalp giving a more natural look. This method is great for guests wanting an all around thick appearance.

Application Time: 2+ hours. (Partial Head Available)

Maintenance: The weft grows out with your hair. Removal and reapplication needed every 3-4 months, and is based on hair growth.

Suggested for: All hair types

We recognize no two situations are the same, which is why we take pride in the customizable hair extension options. Consultations are required to ensure you will be satisfied with the end result.

Prices vary.

Hair Extensions Technique
Hair Extensions Technique
Hair Extensions
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Extensions Before
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